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Hawaii Thai

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Diary of Weaving Story After over half a century of continuing growth in the furniture business, Hawaii Thai furniture still preserves their uniquely high quality, finesse and excellent production. Every item of Hawaii Thai wicker furniture is handmade by the most exquisite craftsmanship.


Hawaii Thai


DURAWERA Durable Elegance for You Furnuture Durawera® Furniture was invented for your maximum relaxation needs in all location and weather. The soothing comfort of wicker furniture brings you closer to nature like nothing else can. It often makes you want to be lounging at the beach


Hawaii Thai


Behind the furniture that mesmerizes everybody at first sight is the unique art of weaving that has been accumulated and transmitted through generations.


Hawaii Thai


DESIGNERS Handmade Passion & Inspiration Inspiration… the more we explore the more we can discover; the more we create the more inspiring our work will become. Such is the perpetual driving force of imagination that compels Hawaii Thai’s designer teams to work in conjunction with our skilled craftsmen to produce more original furniture designs.