Handmade Passion & Inspiration

Inspiration… the more we explore the more we can discover; the more we create the more inspiring our work will become. Such is the perpetual driving force of imagination that compels Hawaii Thai’s designer teams to work in conjunction with our skilled craftsmen to produce more original furniture designs. These people succeed in combining the rare and precious art of ‘handmade’ weaving generated by traditional Thai wisdom and Thai culture with the needs of modern lifestyle.

The end results of such close collaboration between Hawaii Thai’s designer teams and master weaving craftsmen are infinite lines of wicker furniture design.

Hawaii Thai combines elegance with quality and design to create furniture with world class standards.

Vance Ray Childress: American
This highly experienced architect and designer from Oklahoma, U.S.A., received the highest honor of being the only foreigner team member in the Thai national heritage renovation project at Prasart Ban Phuang in Surin Province in 1975. Vance later founded a company related to rattan furniture in the U.S.A. His collaboration with Hawaii Thai began in 1987 and Vance became our Director of Design responsible for the creation of great works for lovers of rattan furniture the world over. Even in his retirement, Vance built a studio in Buriram Province so that he can continue to work closely with Hawaii Thai’s manufacturing plant, a special interest that he keeps up to this day.

Frederic Cone Doughty: American
A gifted American designer, Frederic has won many awards as industrial designer and furniture designer from many furniture and home décor items of great beauty in terms of design and functionality. After being the driving force behind the success of the design consultant companies of Brown Jordan Furniture and Price Pfister Faucets in his position of Designer Director, Frederic founded his own design office, Premises Design Inc., with a goal of collaborating with manufacturers, including Hawaii Thai, in developing product of award-winning quality.

Apirat Boonruangthaworn: Thai
The Designer of the Year 2009 Award in furniture design from Silpakorn University, a leading art and design university in Thailand, should best sum up Apirat’s outstanding talent. A few years after graduating in Industrial Design from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in 2005, Apirat founded Apirat Boonruangthaworn Studio to design small products as well as large furniture for Thailand’s leading manufacturers with special focus on international customers. He has won over 25 awards from several contests, including the Grand Award from the Furniture Design Award (FDA), Singapore.

Nipitphol Phurichboonsub: Thai
The wide range of experiences that Nipitphol has accumulated from his design works for numerous brands of furniture led Nipitphol to recognize that a good design should come from the ability to utilize the potentials and strength of different furniture brands to produce a uniquely distinctive product for today’s market. His designs always focus on easy access to all groups of furniture users through the use of the right design language for specific groups. At present, Nipitphol continues to produce creative designs for Hawaii Thai. He gives special importance to designs that integrate exquisite traditional craftsmanship with modern materials and technology to produce novel designs from unusual perspectives

Hideki Iwashita: Japanese
Established; D-cube co.,ltd. in 2006 teaming up with: Bazik Inc. – Mr.Takizawa, Interior & Product Designer and Ring Inc. Business: Furniture Product design, Production management of furniture,Marketing and Trading. Work with Japanese furniture company around 20 years as designer and buyer. I mainly look around furniture show and factory in EU and Asia. I founded D-cube after that which was stay in Thailand as a representative of Japanese furniture company for 8 years.