Behind the furniture that mesmerizes everybody at first sight is the unique art of weaving that has been accumulated and transmitted through generations.

Our production line does not rely on machine but on the relationship built among families of craftsmen, whose weaving wisdom and techniques have been passed on from generation to generation. The final product is in itself a real work of art. The wicker cords were woven with great care and each detail was meticulously executed with the exceptional skills that come from the craftsmen’s long experiences.

Each of Hawaii Thai’s craftsmen must go through not less than six months of technical training on basic wicker weaving technique. Only selected craftsmen are put to work on the tedious process of furniture making that involves a long process of assembling furniture frames, weaving, part fastening and details finishing, which required hundreds of hours to complete. Although the hours are long and tedious, every one of our craftsman realizes that there is absolutely no short cut to the creation of a great work of art.

Hawaii Thai would like to add to your pride of acquiring an exquisite piece of handcrafted furniture by informing you that in doing so you are also supporting the preservation of the Thai art wisdom and showcasing it to the entire world.