Diary of Weaving Story
After over half a century of continuing growth in the furniture business, Hawaii Thai furniture still preserves their uniquely high quality, finesse and excellent production. Every item of Hawaii Thai wicker furniture is handmade by the most exquisite craftsmanship.

Hawaii Thai was founded as Bangkok’s top quality rattan wicker furniture store in 1956. We put our trust in the superb merit of this traditional handmade craft of Thailand that has been passed down through generations. The superior appeal of rattan wicker furniture over those made from other materials lies in its natural texture and excellent suppleness that provides better comfort and durability.

A large number of foreigners came to work in Thailand during the Vietnam War years. Their presence led to an increase in the popularity of Hawaii Thai wicker furniture. The company experienced exponential growth which resulted in the founding of the first rattan wicker furniture manufacturing plant in Thailand. Such development changed the history of Thai handicrafts by transforming this traditional weaving craft from a local cottage industry into a world-standard, homemade furniture manufacturing business that exports products to rattan wicker furniture enthusiasts worldwide.

An increasing demand in the world market for rattan wicker furniture in the early 1980s led to the scarcity of rattan. This development came with higher competition from furniture producers in the foreign countries in same region as Thailand, who relied on the business strategy of producing imitative products with lower quality materials at lower prices. Hawaii Thai executives turned these crises into an opportunity to upgrade their products to a higher level of development. Through their innovative vision Durawera® synthetic rattan was introduced as a novel alternative for rattan wicker furniture enthusiasts all over the world. Durawera® is more than an alternative to rattan. This synthetic material has overcome the limitations of natural materials and offers better durability both indoor and outdoor settings. Durawera® is superior at withstanding outdoor heat and UV rays as well as the damp and wet environs of swimming pool areas. This impressive material retains the furniture’s beauty, strength, and durability for much longer than natural materials.

These unique qualities are the reasons behind Hawaii Thai’s advancement towards a world leader in furniture manufacturing by setting new standards through a remarkable combination of rust-free metal frames and superb wicker craftsmanship.

Throughout the past 50 years of business we have grown into Thailand’s largest producer and exporter of wicker furniture, operating from a production base located in an area of over 80 rais (31.6 acres) in Prachinburi Province. This plant is well equipped with the highest manufacturing facilities to cater for the needs of both domestic and international customers.

Moving towards a future of unlimited imagination and ever-changing lifestyles, Hawaii Thai furniture is ready to provide your home and residence with products of outstanding functionality and elegant design while retaining the most important quality that attracts people worldwide to wicker furniture – the exquisite handmade wicker craftsmanship.